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Students of the King Music Studios performed beautifully during the April 17, 2011 recital, “Why We Love to Play!” at the Yamaha Centre on Broadway Avenue.

Each student selected their current, favourite piece, described the reason why they enjoyed playing their piece, and then this was announced to the audience during the recital. For example, Kael liked playing The Movies because “it made his brain smart”, Haley enjoyed playing Minuet and Trio “because it was the first piece she’d ever played in the Classical style”, and Alice had fun playing I Just Love Pizzazz “because it reminded her of musical theatre, which she would like try someday!”

It was most enjoyable getting to know each student’s personality, admiring the variety of reasons, and hearing such a diverse selection of music.

Well done, everyone!



Saskatoon Music Festival Success!

8 May;  Author: admin

We would like to congratulate all students who participated in the Saskatoon Music Festival this past week. Many were winners in not only one, but many of their classes, some received scholarships, others got personal bests, and everyone learned something valuable about music and themselves.