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Jan Lisiecki in Concert

Friday, October 15, 2010

What an astounding performance!  Jan Lisiecki, 15 year old prodigy “wow’d” a sold-out audience at Third Avenue United Church.  We are so grateful that so many of their students were in attendence to see this amazing performance.  This being the 200th Anniversary of the birth of Frederic Chopin, it was fabulous hearing such a variety of pieces by the great Romantic master….  Opus 30 Mazurkas, all 12 of the Chopin Etudes, Grand Valse Brilliante Op 18, Opus 64 Waltzes 1 & 2,  Nocturne No. 20… as well as 2 musical surprises by J.S. Bach.  Jan Lisiecki was gracious enough to meet many students, and sign autographs afterward.

Noreen Wensley, Adele, Jessica, and Alex

Abby, Jan Lisiecki, Mayah

Karen King, Jan Lisiecki

Noreen Wensley, Jan Lisiecki